Artist Bios part 2

Artist Bios part 2


Hey! As a second preview for my upgrade….here are a few gems!


Brian Ewing


1. Brian Ewing

3. San Francisco, CA (for now)

4. 1/12/74

5. Single

6. zilch

7. Illustrator, designer and gig poster artiste’

8. Pencil and ink. I draw and ink everything by hand and then rock the rest on the computer. Most of my gig posters and art prints are SCREENPRINTED. Like Emek but not as “fancy pants”.


10. Working in the music industry is part of my job so I listen to way too much music. Uhh… Nick Cave, Ramones, Coheed and Cambria, Brand New, Stiff Little Fingers, Generation X, Buzzcocks, X, The EX, Turbonegro, Iron Maiden, Taking Back Sunday, The Michelle Gun Elephant, The Damned, Screamin’ Lord Sutch, Interpol, Mastadon, High On Fire, Atmosphere, N.E.R.D., Gym Class Heroes, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Slo Burn, Radio Birdman, Tom Waits, and anything that has to do with Billy Childish. I suck at answering this question. It’s my job, so I listen and like a variety of music. Blessing and a curse.

11. Oy vey…Hmmm… Dave Johnson, Moebius, The Hanuka Bros., Hernandez Bros., Adam Hughes, Ryan Sook, Tara McPherson, Bradstreet, The Drink and Draw Social Club, Serpieri, Dave Crosland, Ash Wood, Mahfood, Mignola, The EC guys, Paul Pope, The Studio, Becky Cloonan and Wrightson. There are a ton more but nobody gets past the first few names.

12. Pushead, Emek, Andrew Bawidamann, Methane Studios, Invisible Creatures, Ragnar, Terada, Nirasawa, Takeya, Moser, Mucha, Klimt, Hohlwein, House Industries, Burlesque, Jay Ryan, Phil Hale, Dan St. George, Stephen Somers, Frazetta, Range Murata, Kozik, Coop, Forbes, Hampton….make it STOP!

13. My friends. They keep me honest. They also inspire me. We’re always recommending stuff to one another. Music and movies are a big inspiration to me. So is a stroll through an art museum or looking at porn. What, like I’m the only person that does that?


15. Cartoons: Ghost In The Shell (1&2), FLCL, Jin-Roh, Appleseed, Family Guy, Samurai Jack, Venture Bros., and the Simpsons.
Comic Books: Hellboy, 100 Bullets, Black Hole, Pirates of Coney Island, East Coast Rising and the old EC Comics.

16. Useless dust collecting crap. Like: Frankenstein, Pushead, Hellboy and Kid Robot Stuff. I also started collecting original art. I’m a book junkie too. Moving sucks for me.


Van Arno



1.) Artist Name: VAN ARNO

2.) Legal Name: VAN ARNO
3.) Location:(Country,State): LOS ANGELES,CA,USA
4.) Date of Birth :1-24-63
5.) Married_____ or Single__X_____
6.) # of Children 0_
7.) Profession/Primary Skill : FIGURATIVE PAINTER
8.) Preferred Medium:_OIL PAINT

9.) Your URLs: (if any ) WWW.VANARNO.COM

10.) Favorite Music/Bands: JOHNNY THUNDERS
11.) Favorite Comic Artists: MIKE MIGNOLA
12.) Favorite non-Comic Artists: GAMBATISTA TIEPOLO
13.) Other inspirations:_______________________________
14.) Favorite Links (List two or so…): NA
15.) Favorite Cartoons/Comic-books LIL ABNER
16.) What do you collect: NOTHING





Question 1.) Artist Name:
KMNDZ (command Z)

2.) Legal Name:
Johnny Edward Rodriguez

3.) Location:Pomona California

4.) Date of Birth : 1974

5.) Married

6.)# of Children 3

7.) Profession/Primary Skill :
Design Director, Fine-art

8.) Preferred Medium:
Acrylic on wood

9.) Your URLs:

10.) Favorite Music/Bands:
Bob Marley, Dead Can Dance, Clash, did I mention Bob, Ozomatli

11.) Favorite Comic Artists:
Bill Watterson, Berkeley Breathed

12.) Favorite non-Comic Artists:
Ryden, Arron Horkey, Daniel Despain

13.) Other inspirations:
Juels Verne, Robert Rodriguez, my family, Life of Christ

14.) Favorite Links

15.) Favorite Cartoons/Comic-books
Avitar, Songe Bob, Invader Zim, Jon K’s mighty mouse

16.) What do you collect:
Art, some hot wheels, working on my motorcycle collection




– st. Mars


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