Artist Bios part 1

Artist Bios part 1

Hey! As a preview for my upgrade….I will be posting some of the new featured artist profile/bios!  I have been collecting these artists’ profiles for several years now.  Its really fascinating to discover about an artists interests and influences!  The Valentiger site already hosts about 60 bios (all completed by the artists themselves) & a few interviews. The site will be completely upgraded in a few weeks with about 20 new bios…..but first, here are a few previews!!

Colin Christian

1.) Artist Name: Colin Christian
3.) Location: Florida,USA
4.) Date of Birth : 30/03/64
5.) Married
7.) Profession/Primary Skill :sculptor
8.) Preferred Medium:fiberglass
9.) Your URLs: (if any )
10.) Favorite Music/Bands: movie scores,Radiohead,Zero 7,Bjork,Mozart,Beethoven,electronic and ambient music
11.) Favorite Comic Artists: Joe Chiodo,Milo Manara,Simon Bisley
12.) Favorite non-Comic Artists: Ron Mueck,H.R. Giger,Carlos Huante,Wayne Barlowe.
13.) Other inspirations: Stanley Kubrick,Barbarella,H.P.Lovecraft,60’s/70’s interior design, 50’s sci-fi movies,fetish girls,supermodels and hot chicks in general…
14.) Favorite Links (List two or so…),
15.) Favorite Cartoons/Comic-books: The Incredibles,the Simpsons,Family Guy,Tom and Jerry,Heavy Metal,2000AD.
16.) What do you collect: movies,movie scores,hot chick photos and autographs.


Gary Taxali

 1.) Artist Name: __Gary Taxali 
 3.)   Location:(Country,State): ___________Toronto, Canada 
4.) Date of Birth :____Nov 5, 1968
5.) Single___X____
7.) Profession/Primary  Skill : ____Pictures
8.) Preferred  Medium:__________Mixed Media
9.) Your URLs: (if any )  ___________
10.) Favorite Music/Bands: ____MC5
12.) Favorite non-Comic  Artists:  ______The Russian Avante Garde, Dr, Seuss
13.) Other  inspirations:__________typography, package design
14.) Favorite Links (List two or so…):  ___
15.) Favorite Cartoons/Comic-books_____BLAB!
16.) What do you collect: ____Vinyl Records, Old Books

Chet Zar


2.) Legal Name: Chet Zar
3.) Location: u.s.a., ca.
4.) Date of Birth :Nov 12th, 1967
5.) Married: Yes
6.) # of Children: 2
7.) Profession/Primary Skill :Painter of Dark
8.) Preferred Medium: Oils
9.) Your URLs:,
10.) Favorite Music/Bands: Minutemen, Devo, Nomeansno, Dead Kennedys
12.) Favorite non-Comic Artists: Beksinski, Giger, M.C. Escher, Mucha, Norman Rockwell, Frank Frazetta, Christopher Owen, James Zar
13.) Other inspirations: Alan Watts, Wesley Willis, Jello Biafra, Noam Chomsky
14.) Favorite Links (List two or so…):
15.) Favorite Cartoons/Comic-books: Milton the Monster
16.) What do you collect: Vintage Walter T. Foster Publications 

More previews this week!

– st. Mars


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