Current Art News

Current Art News Sweet Art Happenings for the 2nd week in May! 

First, ArtDorks ( ) is Back! This is a talented artist collective representing some amazing Lowbrow 2.0 artwork! Just check out some of the Dorks involved: 



Heiko Müller at view at the 666B Project @ ! ) Shawn Barber 


Also, check out this sweet studio visit! 

+Also check out their news feed @   . Artist Nathan Spoor clued me into a sculpture preview being held at his co-owned gallery The Venice Contemporary .
 …this is an interesting Pop trend. Check out artist Daniel Edwards

Paris Hilton Autopsy Preview (pre-autopsy)

The final sculpture will also have an open abdominal cavity with a removable life-size organ, which visitors to the exhibition may hold if they wear special gloves.

You may also remember his Briteny Spears “Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston”


 Nice James Jean interview:


NECKFACE : Graffiti artist interview

 thanx, st. Mars    


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