Art Blog Links Galore! pt 2


Art Blog Links Galore! pt 2


YES! More links! I had such a great response and an added suggestion list, so…..we are blog on blog again!

….before the links….yesterday, I posted James Jean along with the Lowbrow crowd. Some would say JJ is just an illustrator, but, I found his personal work awesome too! Here is his addition to the Charity By Numbers exhibit @


& here is a pic off of his collaboration art site:



More Lowbrow 2.0 Artists Blogs:  Shawn Barber  Brandt Peters   Rob Schwager Munk One  Chris Mostyn MRC Robert Hardgrave Gary Panter  Jim Woodring  ThinkMule  Dan Grezeca Mike Giant  Alex Pardee  Lesley Reppeteaux Angie Mason  audrey Kawasaki  

General Lowbrow 2.0 links:  (Thanks Rob!)  Gallery 1988  LetterPressed


Inspiration:  Asian art portal Sam Hiti (one of my favs!!)





– st. Mars



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3 responses to “Art Blog Links Galore! pt 2

  1. you’re welcome.

    now, go catch a nap after posting all of those.



  2. What a long and wonderful list — I’m looking forward to combing through it!

    Thanks also for collecting, promoting, and providing the name for a genre that I’ve enjoyed for a while now without really knowing that it was a phenomenon of its own. Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism does indeed seem to be thriving. I’ll be watching.

  3. What a great honour to be on this list. Thank you so much! *takes a bow*

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