POPcalypse NOW!

Jeff Soto  Camille Rose Garcia  Jeremey FishMark Ryden

Welcome to the end of ‘Lowbrow / counterculture’ and to the beginning of the POPcalypse! This site is dedicated to the new pop art movement. Whether you call it ‘Pop surrealism’,  ‘Lowbrow’ or underground, one thing is certain, this movement has moved above ground and into the culture itself, and wedging itself into current art history as a vital and viral art culture.  Ok, I love Pop Art!  Fresh into college I got hooked on Jasper Johns, Rauschenberg, & Warhol.  I then learned that I loved all of the art-offsprings including the Hairy Who, Scharf, Kienholz, ect.  While in art school I remember picking up the first issue of Juxtapoz and seeing Robert Williams on the cover (I was pissed too, there wasn’t even one article about him in it….besides the ads!). Anyway, its been great watching the evolution of an art scene (from the outside).  This new pop art has matured into a new beast- the beast of the POPcalypse! Stay tuned as we daily explore the success and superstars of this movement, how many have risen out of the ‘lowbrow’ and into art history.  Why ‘POPcalypse”? I believe this art movement is the ultimate culmination of the current and past pop philosophies.  Post Modernism is the current religion; this art revolution is the ‘antichrist’.  It is the end of art as we know it; the definitions are once again being rewritten. Sounds dramatic? Well, exactly! Come along for the ride as we explore these new definitions and whatever crazy creature crawls our path!
-st Mars Eve 

If you are curious how the ‘Christian’ thing fits in, just take a spin thru my other sites, and you’ll get a vibe! faithinart.com , mfnd.org

….Look forward to links, reviews, interviews, raves and nasty opinions. Oh, and art of course!!


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